Sunny day in January...

Perfect day to clean house and think about life. And the sun. I had coffee this morning with my good friend Rachel, who is a writer. Always always fascinating to learn about new 'worlds'. Seems as though writers go through phases and processes much like artists when creating. Made me feel a whole lot better about the obstacles that have to be overcome when your starting a new body of work. 

Also this morning...I finally got my hands on a copy of BlueCanvas Magazine! Super excited, as there are so many talented artists in this issue (as in every one). I am honored to be part of it all. 



I also finished this week the Garden City Center Art Festival Poster. Here it is! 



I also started a new painting...and..I can't tell if it's finished or not. I have to give it the weekend off. I think it's going to be used for the postcard for my upcoming show: Old World, New World taking place in March at the Saugutuck Center for the Arts.  


Im also working on a commission for my friend Jordan. It's about friendship and diversity. And rabbits, of course.



I hope everyone is having the time of their life whatever they're doing today...