Oh Sweet Mississippi.

I visit this sweet state, this small town, about once a year. There's a house across the street that is abandoned, grown over. A small closed down BP station, and a church on a hill. And I suppose that's about it. Every other little gas station seconds as a convenience store, and most of the time, they stand as restauraunts too. Small round tables in between motor oil and refridgerated cases of beer and soda. I survive soley off of tator tots here, which really is a dream come true.

Now often, I find myself itching because I am disconnected from my home in Michigan. I am usually without internet, and without my studio, and my fella, and my people. My coffee shops. But this time down, it doesn't seem so bad. I received a brilliant IPhone for Christmas. Hello world.

Anyway, I write to you to tell you about art, not to give you a diary. Im working steadily on artwork while Im down here (in the sun). I've got some sketches down, not to mention some very cool inspiration from antique things galore. I went to the chiropractor this morning. This was his machine...I kid you not.

The Re-Lax-O. Yep. I was on it. On this amazing green tiled floor. Last night I was taken to dinner in this classy 1955 Thunderbird. The most beautiful color your eyes have seen.

Now Im not in love with cars my any means. But sometimes they just melt you.

So do Juke Boxes with B.B. King.

Along with all of this, is my favorite teal coffee cup. It hasn't been empty or left my side since I arrived.

So, I hope you can get some inspiration from old things too. To my friends in Michigan, I'll bring home some sun.

To my friends in LA (or people I have never met, as I'm sure I don't have any friends there) I am envious that you will be there..Jan 12th! It's the BlueCanvas Launch Event at Exchange LA. I am super excited to be an exhibiting artist for this issue. I just sent out 8 paintings for the show before I came here, so thank you to the curators for hanging my work in my absence.

Pretty stoked to see the magazine when it comes out! If youre in Grand Rapids, I know Sparrows is getting some extra copies, so you can purchase them from there, while you get a coconut rooibos chai tea.

Alright lovelies, I am out to have a bonfire!