Giving up, taking on.

I'm going to give up something and take on something. Not just something, I suppose, I know what they will be:

I'm giving up coffee. Drinking around 12 cups a day cannot be good for me. Maybe Ill just cut back to one a day. 

I'm going to take on journaling. Starting a drawing journal. You'd think I'd do, but sadly, my sketch life has been unlived. I've been feeling bored. Uninspired. Thinking of big things makes me lose sight of the little. So I went to the Literary Life Bookstore and bought The Creative License by Danny Gregory. It has reminded me that my current life is worth focusing on. Worth writing down. Worth drawing. I started today and I feel amazing. Draw my coffee cup. Drew my plants. Drew my pan of pearled couscous. 

I feel refreshed again, which is what I needed. Thank you Danny Gregory. 

I've got a busy week beginning and finishing commercial work. Im also working on a new painting for my upcoming show. I'm pretty interested to see where it goes, as I don't even know!

Also...starting a painting for a small group show at CafeMode in LA, called Song X. You can find the show at the BALCONI COFFEE COMPANY. I'm going to do a Tori Amos song that I have been secretly in love with since I heard it 8 years ago. I've gotta finish it this week and ship it out, as the show opens March 4. 


Ok...I have to go get gorceries! You might want to stear clear of me for a couple of days while I rehabilitate myself from the devil. aka. coffee.