Busy busy are the animals of the world.

This past Saturday night was the UICA's 11th annual Live Coverage event, where I joined 75 artists in creating work to be auctioned off, with proceeds going to the UICA. It promotes their programs, such as the ArtWorks program which provides free art education to youth, as well as for their films and events. 

I did an acrylic painting on wood of a little girl with a house strapped to her head, holding a doll with a house head as well. It was a circular painting, which was a fun layout and surface to work with. 


I didn't get the greatest picture of it at the end, as I didn't get to bring it home, but here it is. 


It was an awesome night, saw tons of great work and chatted with some artists I hadn't seen in a while!

In other news, I have been skecthing a ton! I am pretty thrilled about it as I hadn't been doing enough and was feeling a bit stagnant about my work. 

I finally scanned in some of the sketches last night, so here they are!

I need to add more color to them!

Ahhh sigh. I've got tons of project on my plate and want to share them with you but alas I am so scattered there is no time to share. I've got so much to do today. Enjoy the brilliant sun and I will be back shortly to update you on my work.