Art is...


I find myself often questioning it but its so great to have studio mates that remind you that art isn't just drawing pictures and hoping people like them. So cheers to creativity. 

I am STOKED about my upcoming show at the Saugatuck Center for the Arts! Finally saw the space on Monday, and talked to the Curator, Miranda, who has very exciting plans for the space. It's going to be more than just 'hanging art on a wall' Mark your calendars for March 23...6 to 8 pm. You do not want to miss it. Did I mention there's a bar inside the gallery?!

Today I went to work on a very large painting. This is only one part of it, the rest of the painting involves a girl, a kitten and about 30 coffee mugs. 

These dogs remind me of something that would come out of a Wed Anderson film. I told my boyfriend tonight that I want to be the next Wes Anderson. I haven't much hope but I can try. 

Another project I have just been commissioned to do is one that I am thrilled about! I will be creating two different posters for Jody Williams based on animals. Sketches are due next week so keep your eyes peeled! If any of you have adorable pet pictures, please email them to me at Full bodied cats or dogs would be so appreciated!

AND! I have to send out my painting tomorrow for the SONG X show March 4, in LA at CafeMode. It's based on the Tori Amos song, 'Sorta Fairytale'. 

Here is a sneak of the painting...

Ok folks. Thank you thank you.