Sunday Nights

I haven't felt this pinned about a Sunday night since college. Weekends rarely mean anything to me, as I produce on my own hours (which are finding themselves at a better attempt at nine to five). But seeing as I am teaching a high school art class all week, I've got those pre-week jitters. What if I can't drink 12 cups of coffee in the classroom? Should I attempt to dress up? What about music?! Ahhh...but all this set aside, I am super pumped to be working with these students. I am going to teach them about painting on board with acrylic and oil. I'll keep you posted as the week goes on! 

For now, I wanted to share with you a painting I just finished for my upcoming show in Saugatuck. 

Get Ready, Confetti

And becasue I like you I am also going to share some process shots. 

The drawing was done over a gessoed masonite board.

I then put a salmon-y color down to be the base coat. 

The white then was painted arounf everything not in the foreground. The last post has the next process shot and the beginning of this one has the finished! So voila!


Also in recent news...I am going to be part of Nice. I am pretty stoked about it, as there are some incredible artists on board. We will be working together as a collective, meeting every week to do creative things that make us happy. The real backbone of the project is to bring together talent, which can be combined to fuel branding and design projects which will be handled by the group's founders, Adam and Dylan. Check it all out! 

Nice  |  Drew Melton  |  Geoffrey Holstad  |  Christina Mrozik  |  Pat Perry

Lots of good art. Im slightly jealous of each and every one of them (i hate to say it). But that's the beauty of it. Everyone get's better. I'll keep you posted after our first creative endeavor!


I think that's it for now! Gude Nite!