Hello Sun!

I knew you were hiding behind those clouds...


I have lots to share with you! So many things in our life to be thankful for. Lets start with our breath. I've had hickups all day and its reminding me how glorious it is to not have them.

Busy making work for my upcoming show in Saugatuck, which opens March 23. Approaching fast it is, and I've many paintings to finish. One is called "The day her name was Lulu" and it looks a little someting like this:

The painting is 18x24", and it's one that for some reason, I am really excited about. Having lots of fun painting it.

I'm also working on some rather large paintings. Here is the beginning to one of those. Now I just have to start filling in areas, which is the coolest part of process. Giant coloring book. Hello! 

Aside of gallery shows, I am keeping busy with commercial work. Yesterday I spent the morning creating what will be the book cover for the Literary Life Bookstore Poetry Anthrology Vol 4! It's going to be released at the end of April, so I'll keep you updated on that. I can't give the whole thing away, but here's a peak!

The stamps, I cut out of recycled computer padding. One side was adhesive so it stuck to my finger, which made things way easier since the stamps were so little. When the book is actually released, I will share the cover with you!

I also have been busy with school! Not my school, but sharing my work with students, which has proved to be so satisfying. Last month I went to Grand Rapids Christian High School for a week, and this morning I visited Miss Forrest's fourth grade class at West Oakview. The students were so great! They all asked questions and got really geeked about the work.This week I'll share pictures with you from the experience.

For the fourth grade, I am actually painting a piece to leave at the school. It's a 24x36" painting of animals, all holding letters spelling 'Create!'

*sigh* I just love animals.


Ok you! Get out there and enjoy your day! Hate to be bleak, but it could be your last. Get off your screen and breath fresh leaves.