The Painting Process

It's different for everyone I suppose. What is interesting about doing solo shows, with little experience that I have, it realizing your own process and how you work. 

I am realizing that the two months before a show are spent creating work that will be trashed, painted over, or redone. I spend more time working on paintings that I know deep down will never make it to the walls, yet they are so necessary. 

And then two weeks before the show the paintings just pour out. It must be the time constraint. I know I haven't much time and Ive got to do something. No time for overthinking. No time to think about what the 'audience' wants. This is where the magic happens. 

But it is always so frustrating to get there. And it always ends up being so simple too. Thats the kicker. 

Anyway, I finished a painting yesterday for my show and here's a detail...

Now it's back to the studio to work on some big paintings! 

I hope everyone on this round Earth is having a brilliant colorful day...thank you for stopping by.