Moving forward..

Such is life, eh?

I've got some exciting things in the works! I'm sending out three pieces today for the upcoming 300 Show in Fullerton!

If you're in the area, you should go to the show!

I also am busy making work for the show at the Terryberry Gallery. I'll keep you posted on those!


Also  - this is something I am STOKED about. I am have been accepted into the group of cabineers headed to Minnesota for Cabin Time II! I have a project in the works that is unlike anything I have done. I am so ready to experiment and get my mind on other projects. Not to mention, hang out with a group of amazing artists in the woods eating campfire food and swimming and hiking and sleeping under the stars. It's a much needed adventure. I'll keep you updated with the project that comes out of that. 


I'm going to rip some old books apart today to paint on for my upcoming show. I need a challenge. A different sort of something. I'll leave you with a quote from Robert Rauschenberg today - 

"I usually work in a direction until I know how to do it, then I stop. At the time that I am bored or understand — I use those words interchangeably — another appetite has formed. A lot of people try to think up ideas. I’m not one. I’d rather accept the irresistible possibilities of what I can’t ignore.

Anything you do will be an abuse of somebody else’s aesthetics. I think you’re born an artist or not. I couldn’t have learned it. And I hope I never do because knowing more only encourages your limitations."


just. make. something.