Hi Friends!

Beautiful Refreshing Rainy morning here is Michigan and I only have a second, but Ill update you on whats going on! 

Last Friday, Literary Life Bookstore held it's 4th annual Poetry Anthology Release. They invited me to do their cover for the book and I had a ton of fun doing it. It was unveiled on Friday so now I think it's safe to show it to you!

Yee! You can stop by the bookstore to get your very own book! 

I am on my way soon to take down my show in Saugatuck and then will be on my way to hang work at St. Cecelia Music Center. I have been busy busy making work for the show but am loving it. I'm making work that is a little different and, ahhhh it's so refreshing. 

I started a large piece last night and am really excited about it so I'll share more soon. For now, here is a sneak peak of a little painting I finished for Friday night. 

I am hoping you all in the area can make it on Friday. It will actually be the last show I have in Grand Rapids, as I am moving to Pheonix at the beginning of July! After that, I will have work at LaFontsee Gallery. But I feel like this is all content for a much larger post with lots of thank yous and such so I will save the bulk of it for another time.


For now...enjoy your morning if it is morning where you are!!