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So! Thank you to everyone who came out on May 4 to attend the opening at St. Cecilia Music Center! It was much appreciated, and thanks to lovely people, it turned out a major success! So Thank you every one involved!

Image by Morgan Tinney

Delicious Spread and Lots of New paintings! It was a blast :)




Once the show was up, I was ready to move on to projects that have fallen by the wayside. 

I finished The Crane Wives TShirt! It should be printed and released soon, but I will give you a little sneak peak. 





What else do I have for you? I just finished the summer illustration for CraftSanity Magazine! This is the third in the embroidery series, where I created an illustration and include an embroidery pattern!




Also! I found a new studio in Phoenix! I will be joining two amazing artists in a shared space in The Lodge Studio on Grand Ave! I checked it out when I was there in April and loved it..but now it's official! 

Isn't it beautiful!!


Photo Courtesy of The Lodge Studio

The space also doubles as an art gallery for First Fridays! It's such a nice space. I am stoked to join!

Photo Courtesy of The Lodge Studio

The two other artists in the space are Joe Brklacich and Abbey Messmer. I'll keep you posted once I move in and get settled into the space. 



In other news, (man, it's been a while since I have shared, there's so much to talk about!) I am headed to the deep woods in Minnesota on Wednesday for Cabin Time II

I. am. excited. 

I'm decorating a moleskin and am going to fill the entire thing on the trip. Those drawings will then be displayed during the CT II opening along with the other 17 artists at the Nice Gallery. June 22! 




Alright! Im heading to bed, I have a busy day of packing tomorrow! Have a brillaint night or day, depending on wherever you are in relation to the amazing star we call our sun.


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