Down and Up!!

So I took down my show in Saugatuck on Monday, and again have to thank everyone there at the SCA that made me feel so welcome. I am just so glad I did a show there. 

And then I was on my way to St. Cecelia! Another beautiful space to showcase work and I am so excited to put some new work up! I hung the show today and will be making signage and all that stuff tomorrow. Eee!! I'm excited!!

Here's a shot of a piece from the show in Saugatuck!

It's rather large so fitting it on a website is difficult. I am going to post the whole painting soon in my work section. 


What does anyone think about work divided by year on a website? I have a lot of work and am trying to figure out how to catergorize it. 

Alright people of the world. More soon. But for now, sleep.