Back from the woods.

Just returned from the beautiful Bogus Lake in Grand Marais, Minnesota, as part of the roaming residency that is Cabin Time (II). Check out some of the pic here. Word is there are thousands of images and videos to sort through so keep your eyes peeled on that site. It was honestly one of the best trips I have ever had. So many incredible, talented and true people. Special thank you to Geoff and Ryan for putting it together, and a extra special thank you to Greg, who offered up his cabin freely to 18 stangers. I mean, it takes a lot to share your compost toilet with that many strange artists. 

The opening for the Cabin Time Show in June 22 at the Nice Gallery. So many amazing artists will be showing work so you definitely want to check that out. 

Now that I'm back, I am busy, working on the 100 dogs poster. Also working on a chalkboard for Soil Power Farms. I don't usually do chalkboard jobs, so I am excited to give it a try. 

Im also starting a piece for the ______ISM show, taking place in Santa Ana, CA. I'm choosing speciesism, so I am pretty excited to be creating something that really holds a big place in my heart. So many animals in concrete cages tonight. 

Other than that, I just work and play and enjoy the sun and say good bye to my midwest life that I have come so dearly to love. I will miss you guys. *sigh*


Hope you all have the most brillaint Thursday night.