Another Sunny Day

I'm sitting in Denny's drinking black coffee while a U-Haul trailer gets hitched to my car so we can drive it across the country to our new home in Phoenix, AZ. 

This last couple of weeks has been a whirlwind. While packing and selling and saying my goodbyes, I have been busy making work for the ISM show in California, the Cabin Time Show, which was last week, and planning new work to send to LaFontsee Gallery here in Grand Rapids. 

I won't have a good image of the final for CTII until Friday but this was the image I took right before I delivered it. 

I have also been busy with commercial work for The Crane Wives, Grand Rapids Community College, and a poster for Jody Williams at JW Design. More to come on those soon!

This month, Detoit HOUR released it's June issue, which I had the pleasure of working on. The Art Director, Cassidy Zobl was amazing to work with, so a special thank you to her, as well as Drew Melton who gave her my name. I painted seven 9x12 backdrops for photoshoots, and also did some typography for the cover and the inisde. Check out the work here. The cover turned out great, they had some very talented people working on it!

Photo by Roy Ritchie, Styling by Stephanie Potts, AD Cassidy Zobl

And probably the most amazing thing I have done as of late, would be the TINYHAND Residency with Mary Rothlisburger here in this Grandest of Rapids, held in the garage of the fine Geoffrey Holstad and Sarah Darnell.

We had the perfect afternoon yesterday: Me, Mary and Emily Ruchle who lived in 1862 in Detroit MI. Check out TINYHAND to read the beautiful writeup, as Mary has a way with words that I simply do not. 

The residency lasted three hours but was enough to fill me for the rest of the year. We talked about old civilizations, Atlantis, Joan of Arc, Emily Ruchle, Honeysuckles in Detroit, friendship, and remembering. Remembering and letting go. These houses will all be broken foundations one day. 

Photo by Mary Rothlisberger

There are still some open slots for Mary's month here in GR. Spend three hours or spend a day with her. No matter the amount of time, you will be changed until the sun stops shining. I promise that.



Have a perfect day all. Eat a new fruit. Smile at someone you think doesn't like you becasue they probably think you don't like them either. And guess what. You could be friends.