Hello June

So this month I have a ton of stuff going on. (almost too much and thinking about it makes me sweat)

First off, I am sending my ISM piece out tomorrow for the ______ISM show in Santa Ana, CA at the Grand Central Art Center. The show opens up July 7 and will host a number of artists portraying work based on their choice of an ______ISM. 

Because I love animals and hold them near to my heart, I did Speciesism

Mine, I suppose, is based loosely on the fact that often domestic animals are given more thought and concern than other species, such as animals used for food, science and entertainment. 

Here is the painting along with a detail!



If you're out West, check the show out! Ill be heading that way sometime before the show is over!


In other news, Cabin Time II Opening is approaching! I've got some pieces I did while I was there, but sketches in the works for two paintings I plan on doing for the show. 

More Later!

To everyone in the world, have a beautiful day, and remember beyond the clouds, the sun is shining, and beyond that, more suns are shining.