Life has been blooming and busy and I've so much to share if you'd like to hear. 

My new home is finally set, and you know it's home when you hang your favorite art up. Plants and art. Official Home Business. I've many pieces from fellow artists, and today I will share with you:

Amy at Studio Tinsel, who made this adorable Kitty Emroidery. She also sells bags, scarves, and other beautiful vintage goodies. I'm so glad to have this piece in my doorway, all the way from Michigan. (You are amazing Amy!)

The fabric piece is part of a Hoping Machine, made by Washington's own hoping machine creator, Mary Rothlisberger. She is a dear friend who shared with me Dandelion Wine, Emily Ruchle's 1868 Diary, and lots of beautiful stories. I was lucky enough to share her company in Minnesota at Cabin Time II, and at the gallery show for the event, I was able to cut my own line of hope, and it hangs here, welcoming me home everyday.

I am full up with projects, hitting the ground running here in Phoenix. I've set up shop in my studio and this week am working on tons. First up:

The Crane Wives new album cover. It comes out in September, and becasue I am lucky enough to do the album work, that means I am lucky enough to have snuck some listens to the new music. We are all going to love it. I love it. I can't wait to hear all of it in my car as I drive through the desert. Here's the sneakiest peek.

Next Up:

Finishing off Grand Rapids Community College Illustrated Map.