Another Rotation around the Ball of Fire in the Sky

Another day to be grateful for life.


I've been working like crazy and finally have some finished work to share with you. 

A couple of months ago, I did the merch design for The Crane Wives, and it's finally printed! There are 4 different kinds of stickers, and a new T-Shirt design. 

Here is one of the stickers, and here is the T-Shirt! They are available for sale at their shows! Check them out here

I also recently finished the album cover which will be released in September. Here's a little peak of it...


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I also recently did an illustration for CraftSanity's issue No. 7! The issue focuses on summer projects, and included a pattern for making kites. In the issue, Jennifer also writes about our embroidery lesson! Here's the illustration, which includes a pattern for emroidery!


 - - - - -- - - - - - - -  - - --


Lets see.....oh yeah! I recently created the 'face' for The Creative Youth Center's Promtional Material. It's a little exploring fox! 

Here is the preliminary drawing and the finished piece!

Add Color and Voila!


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You remember 100 Dogs? It's time for 100 cats!! I will be finishing up this poster this week. Hopefully Ill be able to show you the finished versions of both soon!



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And I finally set up my new studio! It's so cozy...



YIP YIP!!! That's it friends. Time to go take my clothes down from the line. Enjoy the Sun today!