What do I love?

Food! Good Food. 

I recently finished a little series of food drawings, some as markers in a cookbook, and the recipes are from Urban Vegan's Dynise Balcavage - thank you Dynise for letting me use your recipes! 

Maybe someday I'll combine my stopmotion dream and my love for drawing food and I will do a stop motion of food. oh my. 

Check out my Illustration Food Page to see all of the new work!


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This week, I also did an illustration for a friend, Marlee. I think she'd be such a good babysitter, it makes me want to have children. Almost. 

Projects like this are my favorite, as there is nothing but freedom. I don't usually do a lot of digital coloring, but I am finding the fun in it. 


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The Crane Wives release their new album next month, and since they have released the artwork, I will too!

Here is a little detail...

That's the first desert scene I have done, and I really enjoyed it, as simple as it is. 


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One more thing and Ill let you go.

I recently started a project called The Usual Order of Things. It is an alphabet series, illustrating a person and their favorite food, along with some facts and interesting findings about those foods. I will share with you the letter B, for Beatrice Nell.


Don't let the magic fall out of the bottom.