Keep it Clean.

I never do work on Paper, without mattting it to some kind of board, only because I can never keep my paper clean. But. I finished a rather large piece yesterday on paper, and because I coated all the edges with paper and tape and totally mummified them...

it is so clean

The piece is called, 'Can you see the beginning?' based off of a line I found in a Rand McNally illustrated atlas of the world. Im getting it scanned tonight and will have a final image to show you. As of right now, I just have small details. I used Ink, Grpahite, Marker, Gel Medium, Cut paper, Colored Pencil, Acrylic...and..I think that's it. 

And a little detail of the paper cooking pan. This made me want to camp so bad.

Humid day in the Valley. When it rains, its not a refreshing smell. It smells like old socks and bengay.