New Work!

Finished this piece this week, 22x30" Mixed Media on Paper. It's called, 'Can you see the beginning?' It will be on it's way to LaFontsee Gallery next week, and I have a feeling it's going to look mad with their framing skills. 

The first appearance of a cactus! This piece is based on my studio mate, Abbey, whose cat, Tony, was eaten by a coyote. She said that Tony was so wild, that she wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Real life = Magic.

I researched coyote predators and sadly, humans are responsible for 90% of coyote deaths. Another predator is the bear. 

Last night, I took a class at MADE Art Boutique, on making tiny things! We learned how to make tiny felt bears, button earrings, miniature cake bunting and the like. I chose to make a little bottle top bunny magnet, a baby envelope, and a pair of button earrings. I also threw in a little toothpick flag. 

YAY for Miniatures! Makes me really want to run towards my dream job - doing stop motion animation. Someday. Right? I wish I had 5 lives to live and be so many different things. That is the opposite of minature. 


Happy weekend!