New Work!

I am always so geeked to share work that I had a blast creating. I mean...I love my job and I love creating but sometimes projects come along that just melt me. I had the joy of finishing one this week and starting one this week. 

The painting I finished was for my friend, Jordan. It's called 'Lunch at the Seneca Depot'

Here are some details of the painting. I laid down the painting in my usual process, starting with a deep orange and filling in lights. Then once I tired of the paint I tried something new, and put colored pencil over the paint for the sky and grass. The texture from the paint made the colored pencil look like old paper. After coating it all, I am really happy with the result. 


The project I had the joy of starting today is for The Sparrows Coffee Tea and Newsstand. I was commissioned to make their patio sign, along with magazine category signs. I had so much fun doing other signage for coffees and their menu - so I was stoked to start this project. So much freedom...I can try out new materials, and make things that I don't have to worry about replicating again. I can use found objects and wierd materials. 

Anyway, here are some peeks of the project so far. 


Sigh. Life is good. Except that it's so hot here when I walk outside I am pretty sure my eyes will shrivel in their sockets.