This week.

Has been one for the books.

Monday started out fine, finishing a painting and ready for the week ahead. Tuesday brought about a nice bike ride and the jonesing for popcorn which changed everything.

While waiting for the oil to heat, I got sidetracked and when I returned it was smoking insanely. I grabbed it off the stove and a fire shot up and splashed all down my right side from my hand to my foot.
Unfortunately it was my drawing hand.

After heading to the ER, and remarking about the surreal night, we realized our house was robbed, including my computer with all my work - stupidly not backed up. Glass all over, and feeling unsafe, with a scared cat hiding soot covered in our fireplace, we stayed with good friends. Good friends are amazing and I thank you.

The week is slowly looking up, aside from our cat barfing hair balls on our bed, and me catching my hair on fire at dinner last night.

I hope that my hand will heal soon, so I can start drawing again - you know I'm antsy as hell. Until then friends, find what makes you happy and hold on to it.