Early News

Cozy light coming in through the window.

I have two projects coming up that I am pretty stoked about. 

I was accepted into the GIRLS: Fact or Fiction show at Light Grey Art Lab, in Minneapolis, which runs from November through Jan. I will be painting Millicent, a friends mother who was so tiny but played a huge accordian that had her name on it in blue sequens. I have painted in honor of this woman just once, but never got an actually likeness, and this time I may try. 

Also this week, I was invited by Rachel Dougherty to participate in Ten Paces and Draw Artist Swap, where artists trade their sketches and work on the final of another's sketch. So cool, and I am excited. I signed up for the 'Pet Peeves' theme. 

Also, First Friday is coming up tomorrow, and if you're in the area, stop down..Joe and I will be showing work at the studio space. I've got lots of work that hasn't been shown, if that's incentive. If not, we'll also have wine. 


Happy Thursday folks.