The Usual Order of Things, but first...



 Thanks to everyone who came out last night to First Fridays! 

It was a great turnout, and I must say thank you to the first Phoenix patron, who excitedly purchased a painting last night. Thankyou! 

And now.

The Usual Order of Things.


This is a series I am currently working on. I am creating an illustration for each beautiful letter of our alphabet, pairing a fictional person and a food item. I love drawing people and food, and thought, 'why not pair them up'. I also love researching the endless facts that encircle items we daily come to expect and take for granted. Like elderberries. There are many different types, each growing on a bush with beautiful white flowers. The black and purple elderberries get plucked and eaten by Blackcaps, birds that look like they are wearing toupees. Right now I have finished A-E and will begin F this week. Maybe a book is to come out of this...would you read it? Check out the new section of work to see the first 5 in the series. Here is a little deail of Edith Petal.




Happy Saturday Indeed.