And why should they have all the fun?

It should belong to anyone.  


 You may not know this, but I have a little shining place in my heart for everything miniature. Like other miniature lovers, it's the kind of shine that makes your toes curl and you just want to puke or cry when you see an apple the size of a corn kernel. If this is you too, you know the feeling. 

A n y w a y. 

I have a lot of paintings to do this month, I'll admit it, but I haven't, for the life of me, found the inspiration. I thought, "What do I want to do? Other than making a miniature celebration of my favorite month in the whole world?"      

So that's what I did.  


I used to do a lot more three-dimensional work, but since college, I feel I've been a bit molded by other expectations. I realized this was the first project since school that I've done something only because my heart wanted to. I always put these projects off because they aren't lucrative, but someday I want to turn this into my full time career, so why not start practicing now?  

Here are some little details of the scene.  


I made the basket out of foam and woven paper, and a nail. The bread and apples are made from sculpey. Uncle Sam made the penny.  


The stones and marshmallows are sculpey, and the fire is made from painted plastic. The little marshmallow bag is made from a re-sealed cut ziploc bag. The leaves are real! I just tore them up into little bits. 


Here's a full view. I made the scene on foam, and used real branches, except for the large tree which is made of foam and branches. The backdrop is colored pencil drawn on the backside of a large print I had in my studio. 

Yay!  This is the funnest project I have done in a long time. Thanks for reading all about it. I'd love to hear your dreams, something you're working on, even if it's just in your head. 


And of course, Happy October. Go out and show this month you love it.