Things get dark sometimes.

This past couple of weeks have been mad, but the best part is, I have been able to do some gallery work, with no expectations, no one giving me a direction. I really feel that somewhere along the way my work got a little too sweet. Like I might as well have just poured ice cream all over a canvas. My work used to be really dark, and then it got really nice and now I think I'll try for a middle ground. 

Commercial work can be hard sometimes, as many a client has the remark..."I like this work, but can you make them smile? They're too sad!" Brighter colors and smiles! Which of course I don't mind, because I love a challenge. But when it comes time to do work for me, I really do love a calm painting with a bit of the unknown scary mystery that is the Universe.  

Anyway I'm rambling. If you're still reading, I'm surprised ;)  

Here is some new work! There are gallery pages for the paintings so you can see more views as well. 


Ok! Back to work. Happy Halloween my little ghost friends, and if you're in Denver, perhaps I'll see you at the Origins opening tonight! 

If you're in Grand Rapids, MI, then you will see these paintings at Lafontsee Gallery for their fall event November 8th!