Second Story Art Class

I have to start this post by backing up a couple of months. Last year living in Phoenix, I met the most extraordinary people. People who gave freely and welcomed us with open arms, so wide that I knew they'd be life long friends. 

One of these friends is Sienna. 

She is a tiny, spirited bright girl who is amazing at drawing, totally loving, and an expert hoola-hooper. (I know - we had a stand off that lasted for an eternity). Her father, Steve, is an incredibly giving and kind person who has an open mind and supports artists of all calibers. This year, Steve commissioned a piece for Sienna and I finished her painting this week. 

It's titled, Second Story Art Class and is 24x36 on wood, painted with acrylic and oil. 


Thanks again to my wonderful Phoenix family. 

I hope you all enjoy your Tuesday!