Day to Day, Today


Today I share my day to day. This is the studio where I work. Where I create, become frustrated, and create again. So many times, I get heady and my thoughts drift aloft to larger things, the ever constant climb, but all we really have are our at a time. 

Today let's celebrate this one day that won't ever happen again. Maybe that means making your own almond butter (which I tried last night until my food processor started smoking) or watch a foreign film you've never heard of. Read some Maira Kalman. Make a new friend. Make some art.

And since you came here, not looking for advice or pictures of my day to day, I will share with you a painting I recently finished. It was in the Illustrious Illustrators show back in early February. It's called Oh, the things I will find. It's 9x12, acrylic on panel. 


So there you go. Have an amazing Tuesday.