Today, my friend Greg Oberle and I launched a new project called, TEN for EIGHT : ICON 8 or BUST! We are selling ten paintings each, one a week, and the funds are going towards tickets and travel to get us both to the upcoming Icon 8 National Illustration Conference. We both attended Icon 6, and really can't wait to go this year if we meet our goal. I think I might faint, but Carson Ellis is the feature illustrator and that makes me want to puke in my mouth out of sheer joy. It will be amazing to hear her talk. 

Today at 3, our first paintings were released! Thank you to Shannon who was lightning fast and snagged this first painting! If you'd like to snag the next one, we will be sharing them every Monday for the next nine weeks, 3 pm EST. They are $100 + Shipping  (regularly $350 so *ahem* it's quite a steal). 

This week's painting is titled, "The Night is Here" 10x10" Acrylic and Liquid Gold Leaf on Archival Paper. 

Alright! I am off to get more work done today and go buy a new paintbrush. <3 Much love to everyone who emailed in this afternoon - hope to hear from you next Monday!