Royal Mail

Let me just say one thing. Receiving a large bag of Royal Mail all the way from Great Britain, on a morning when you're not feeling particularly magical, is almost as astounding as what it might feel like to get your Hogwarts letter in the mail. This was my morning. 

Nothing is Royal in America! Who can I talk to at the USPS about getting bags that are magic? Please let me know. 

In this bag, was something even more exciting, even more royal: Fresh, crisp, beautifully bound Little Women books from The Folio Society. From the box that it came in to the tissue paper that covered these beauties…it was like a ceremony when Mori and I opened them. 

It feels like Christmas this morning. If you would like to order your own copy of Little Women, you can do so here

Thank you again to The Folio Society for the opportunity, and for the brilliant and royal gift.