I haven't been good at keeping up with this blog, and quite frankly, I'm not even sure if anyone is reading. EITHER WAY - I will share some news. 

This coming week, Framed Ewe and Palabra Pop Up Gallery are hosting a two person show at the Union at the Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ and you can see the work of Mikey Jackson and myself! Should be a sweet show, go check it out, and have a drink for me!


In other news, I just finished a (totally adorable - can I say that?) paperdoll for Flow Magazine and her name is Aster and she is a raccoon that has a very neat occupation. You can cut her out and dress her up by purchasing the upcoming Book for Paper Lovers from Flow. 

I'll share more work as it comes out, but for now, I have a helluva lot to finish today to get these paintings out to Phoenix!