New Scientist

Hooray! I worked on this piece last week and it's out today: New Scientist Magazine, for the article, "Trippy Tots: How to see the world as a baby". Now this piece wasn't to be printed that large, but for some hair brained reason, I thought - yeah I'll do that like 12x16" - way bigger than I needed to. Bigger means more time. Anyway. It was going smooth until I had to repaint the girl's face like eight times and it was two in the morning and everyone was sleeping but me. I almost had a meltdown. Those are the truths of illustrating.

Here is the sketch and the final!

The good thing is, my sanity was saved when my scanning guy gave me a couple more hours. And all was well. I had a pancake. I had some coffee. And then I set back to work because that's what you do.