The Painted Desert

GUYS! Next month I am heading to Phoenix to paint a mural at The Lodge, which is my old studio. I painted a mural there in 2013, but sadly I moved away before I complete it fully, and now I am just going to do an entire overhaul on the wall. I am not a mural artist at all but making anything is fun so here's to giving it your all!

Here's some images of the mural process in 2013 by Sarah Rhodes, (aka Arrow&Apple)

The new mural going up will be called The Painted Desert, and includes a whole slew of Sonoran Desert friends. They might be….painting the desert. I'll share the final design soon! For now, here's a peek!


The Lodge is raising funds right now for the mural to help with travel, material cost, and time, and they've set up a fundraiser. If you'd like to donate, you can gets some goodies! Depending on the amount donated, you get an invite to the Funder's Party at the completion of the mural, a little pack of painted desert postcards, (illustrated by yours truly), an 8x10 signed print of the final mural design, or a little original painting of your very own Painted Desert Cactus. Thank you to everyone who has already given so generously.  I really love the community in Phoenix, and this particular area is growing and becoming more vibrant everyday. I can't wait to come back and liven it up even more. 

Happy weekend my cherubs.