What To Do When A Ghost Finds You.

Happy October my chickens. 

I just finished this little story as a celebration of October, which is my favorite month. It's funny, I realized while I was working on this that while I don't often have the chance to do personal projects exclusively for myself, every October some little fire gets started inside me and I have a burst of inspiration. I just love. this. month. 

Two years ago, I made a little 3D set of a Fall Party. Last October I did another 3D piece of Hortense and The Love Bug. This time I was totally into storytelling and drawing. 

Truth be told, I was actually sketching out a new illustration for Flow Magazine. I was thinking of a little girl reading to ghosts..and I drew it out and wondered what books ghosts would read. And then 8 hours later of frantic writing and sketching, this book was born. Well..the framework anyway. The actual thing took hours, hence me not actually getting it out to the world until just this very moment. 

The more I draw, the more I realize my work is headed back to where I was 5 years ago. I used to love dark stories, character development, writing narratives. Somehow my work has gotten more refined and world, I've had enough! I'm going back to drawing like a kid because I can and I want to and someday I'll be dead. 

Anyway..here are a couple images, and you can find the full book on my site here**

** UPDATE. The book is in the process of being officially published! It is for this reason I have taken the complete manuscript down from my site. I look forward to sharing with you the finished product soon! xoxo. 

I do have to give a huge thank you to my sweet guy, Matt. He is an English teacher and reads a ton of books - his favorite books are sci-fi and horror, and while this isn't a horror story, he was an incredible support in helping me put it together. He's an ideas man, what can I say?

Happy October Everyone! May the leaves fall around you and may coffee be abundant.