Must. Draw. Everyday.

Inktober (1) : October 1, 2015

Ok! I'm doing INKTOBER! And not just on IG, but it's my goal to post my drawings everyday here on the blog. I know, I'm already late as I am posting yesterday's drawing but that just means two in one day. Lucky you! 

Yesterday was INCREDIBLE. So chilly here in Nashville, windy, rainy, creepy, gloomy, perfect and mysterious. I wore my green shoes that I bought at a thrift store, drank some apple cider, and sat on my porch and read The Shadow over Innsmouth by HP Lovecraft - which is a long story so it might just take me all month to get through it. (I'm a slow reader, I get bored easy, and I don't think I've actually finished a book in over three years, although I've started about 100.) 

This little cutie bat never visited me but a girl can dream. 

Later: Inktober (2) : October 2, 2015.