It's been so long since I've made a post! This Spring has been full of changes and new directions.

After the mural was finished in Phoenix, I headed off to LA where I spent the month of March working on building miniature sets and puppets for some animation sequences for LINK for a feature length documentary they're releasing this year. The project was quite intense, I learned so much about building puppets, new materials, working in a group, and I got a chance to learn more about North Korea, and how LINK works. The film will be out later this summer, and I will be sure to share. For now, here is a peek of one of the puppets I worked on. 

Right after I got back, I headed to Texas for a lecture and puppet workshop at UTA. Everyone there was so welcoming, and I had an amazing week. I have to thank Ginnie Hsu for bringing me there, putting me up, and showing me Arlington's best Mediterranean restaurant. There were about 12 students in the workshop, and we created puppets from armature wire, foam, clay, and cloth. It was so great to see everyone's unique vision for their character come to life. 


Here's me and Ginnie - I met her during the last twenty minutes at ICON8 in Portland last summer and we became instant friends. She's a seriously talented illustrator, app designer and interactive genius. And she's goofy which I like. 

Here are some of the process shots from my own puppet making. 




Up Next:

If you're in San Francisco, I have a show opening next month at Faye's Video! I am sad I won't be making the opening but if you make it, tag me on IG so I can see it! The opening reception is May 28 from 6-8:30. 

Here is one of the pieces for the show. I have been working more intuitively, with a focus on narrative work, which I am excited about. Having a show that is about stories untold is a perfect opportunity to illustrate - to illuminate - even if the stories they depict were never written. 

I'm really excited to be making new work, and soon hopefully I can give you a story - not only in pictures, but in words as well…..


Until next time,