This week I finished my piece for the group exhibition, GRIMM: Visions of the Brother's Grimm Fairy Tales. The show opens June 5 at Helikon Gallery and will feature a ton of really talented illustrators. I am so excited and honored to be part of this show. If you're in Denver, you should definitely come and check this one out. 

I illustrated the story, Jorinda and Joringel which was one that was new to me. The story begins with a witch who lives in a castle in the forest and by day takes shape of a cat or an owl. When a girl comes in front of the castle, she turns them into a bird and cages them in her castle. She has 7000 (or 700 depending on which version) birds hanging in wicker cages. Later in the story, we are introduced to the couple, Jorinda and Joringel who are to be married. Jorinda gets kidnapped by the witch and Joringel has to find a red flower with a pearl to set her free. 

I chose to illustrate the beginning of the story, because the thought of thousands of bird cages in the castle was visually stunning. Placing the witch inside of the castle, I was able to show the interior and exterior. As you can see, the witch is not only a woman, but has cat ears and stands in front of a tower which resembles an owl. 

My friend Toby and I went Castle hunting in Denver and I got lots of great photos of castles and architecture, which I was able to use in the final. I love finding magic and calling it research. 

YAY! If you come to the show, come say hello! I'll see you there….