I just finished working on the Album Artwork for The Crane Wives, who are releasing their sister albums in August! I've worked with them on all three albums, and it's been really inspiring to not only grow in my image making with them, but to see and hear them grow as well. They are a seriously talented group of musicians, and even better - they are stellar people. I got to listen to the album while painting for it, and it's SO good. One song in particular I had on repeat like 15 times in a row. 

Do yourself a favor if you like indie folk, and check them out. You can also help support them by pre-ordering the first or both of their double release albums here!! 

For the artwork, I wanted to include not only coyotes, but one made of wood - as when I think of Michigan - mine and the band's home state -  I think of trees and wooden homes. They gave me pretty loose perimeters wanting only something that was blue/purple with a light warm spot, a girl, and coyotes, with one fox on the back. I gave them the front sketch, and being the awesome flexible people they are, they let me run with it. 

The sketch was done in graphite and I laid in colors and coyotes digitally. 

Once the sketch was completed, I went to final, using gouache and colored pencil on paper. The entire painting was completed before I went back in and added the coyotes in white gouache. I drew them each out on tracing paper, and played around with their composition before settling and transferring them to the final. Here is a progress shot of the back side, and then some details of the finished piece. 

HOORAY for music and art TOGETHER.