Along the Water's Edge

This past month I finished a commission for my dear friend, Agnes. She lives on a lake in Michigan and has the most adorable little home, where she let me stay while I was there visiting in July. Agnes loves all things adorable (I found out after I had begun the piece, that otters were her favorite animal - win!), she has a particular fondness for grays and yellows, and has been so kind since I met her way back while I was living in Grand Rapids.

Her piece is titled, 'Along the Water's Edge', and is 17x24" Gouache, Colored Pencil and Acrylic Gold on Canson Illustration Board. I started out with the main figure, and used tracing paper cutouts of the otters to figure out the best placement before actually drawing/painting them in. 

Happy Monday my fellow Earth cherubs! 

PS> I'm really going to try hard to post more blogs. I have been MIA lately, as it's been a very tiring year. I have some new projects about to come out that I am stoked about so stay tuned for those and more art on the way.