my day

For Flow Magazine's first issue of 2016 (which just came out), I was invited to illustrate what my typical day looks like. If you work for yourself, then you know the levels of routine which are available to you - they range from having zero routine - to having every hour meticulously planned in your Google Calendar. I know people on both ends and they equally freak me out. I fall somewhere in the middle, but as with anything, it's been a learning experience. 


I used to work late into the night, fueled by coffee and Robyn, convinced I was putting my best efforts forward. This only meant I was to rise around 9 or 10am, eat breakfast, drink more coffee, huddle around emails, and I'd finally make it to my studio around noon. Little did I know I was sleeping through the most creative hours my brain was capable of. 

I should say, while I was in school, I was always a morning person - I worked two jobs in an office and at a coffee shop while attending school full time. I wasn't afraid of mornings, but when no one is expecting you at their door at 7am, it's easy to justify late nights and later mornings. 


Fast forward six years later and throw in a husband who, as a teacher, wakes also at 5:15am daily.  I have not only improved my routine, but I have found that my most creative energy can be harnessed immediately upon waking. Like..throw coffee on the stove - stagger over to my table -  nose to the grindstone. Sometimes I'll be sitting in my pajamas for hours, skipping breakfast, getting jittery on caffeine, before I realize it's 10 o'clock and I've gotten days of work done in those wee hours of the morning. The sun comes up, the lighting is perfect and it's just me and my work. 

Then, after feeling like the ultimate slug, I work out, shower, take my little dude, Mori, for a walk  (which is really the best part of my day - and I think his too), make a big lunch and then get back to work. 

In my illustration for Flow - I guess you could call that my dream day. Currently I'm working from home while I await the opening of a new building which is to house an illustration studio that my friend Kayla Stark and I are opening up here in Nashville. (Which I will be sharing SO soon - it's hard for me to keep this under wraps because it's a dream that's actually happening!) For the sake of all the folks in this great city, I won't be wandering before daylight in my pajamas to my drawing table. I might actually have to get start getting dressed again before dawn. Wish me luck!

I'd love to hear about your daily routine - have you found one that best suits your craft?