February 10 :: Celebration!

CELEBRATE [sel-uh-breyt] verb (used with object) 1. To observe or commemorate with ceremonies or festivities. 

I love Celebrations. Celebrating does not mean cakes and banners and confetti, although I'd never pass up a party. To me, it's about taking time to be happy about life - as simple as that. To make ordinary and special things alike a little extraordinary. I don't think anyone has died thinking they had too many celebrations. We can celebrate getting up in the morning, getting older, meeting new friends, finished projects, growing a fruitful garden, overcoming a fear, winning or losing a game just because you had the opportunity to play; All cause for celebration. And in place of a party, you can share a meal with someone in the park. Paint a picture for someone whom you value in your life. Share tea with someone when they've done something they thought they couldn't do; All a way to celebrate. 

If you'd like to see more celebrations, visit Flow Magazine's Friends of Flow Pinterest page. Happy Pinning!