February 27, 28, 29 :: TRIFECTA

Today is February 29! How often do you get an extra day of the year?! Every four years, that's how often. What are you going to do with all this extra TIME?

Today I have this final celebration for you: The Trifecta. Cooking |  Bread  |  Tea  (In no particular order). This weekend I took time away from my work, and instead made potato soup, had a bonfire, rearranged my house, went hiking, sat in the grass, ate pancakes - I had a real plan free weekend. I do apologize for not giving you your daily pins, but here they are in all their glory. 

I have been watching Michael Pollan's show COOKED on Netflix, and I am inspired and in awe. Cooking has become my closet obsession. Though I don't share it that often, most of my free time is spent in the kitchen trying new ingredients and recipes - every trip to the library is for cookbooks, and every free phone moment is spent saving recipes on Pinterest. So today we celebrate cooking in all of its capacities. Also - bread and tea - no explanation needed. So comforting. So magical. 

Head over to the Flow Magazine Friends of Flow Pinterest Board to see today's final post! Thank you to everyone who has been following along this month. And stay tuned, as I am working on making prints of selected drawings from this series. I'll keep you posted! 

xoxo Happy February 29! Happy Leap Day!