Feb 5 :: Grey Jumping Squirrels

If you know me, then you knew from the first day of February that squirrels would make it on my list. They are my favorite animal in the world. Big statement I know - there are creatures that make my mind explode in awe - but I always come back to the squirrel. It's for the simple reason that squirrels encompass everyday magic. They are essentially adorable furry acrobats, jumpers, and goofballs in and around our lives. They do not care that you have bills to pay or places to get to or goals to achieve. They will chase each other 'round trees for hours and perform acrobatic tricks before your eyes if you think to look up. 

Since moving to Nashville, I have come to know and love the grey jumping squirrels.  They are slender with skinny tails, and are quite impeccable jumpers.  One cannot have a bad day when squirrels are hopping all over the place - it's just not possible. If you'd like to fill your Friday with these gems,  head over to Flow Magazine's Friends of Flow Pinterest Page! Enjoy!