February 7 :: Friends

Friends are Every Second of Everyday magic. I am increasingly thankful for my friendships new and old. I've always had many fiends, a few close friends, and even a couple I've been friends with almost my entire life. 

Since college, my partner, Matt and I have been moving from place to place to see new surroundings, landscapes, cities, and people. Though I moved around some as a child, as an adult, it's been completely different. Friendships do not naturally bloom like they do in school, and when you're freelancing and working alone, it's almost impossible to make new friends without effort. It has forced me to be more approachable, to initiate conversation instead of waiting for others to engage me, and to really value the people and friends I am with at any given time. It's also given me a deeper appreciation for the friends I already have, though most are miles away.

Today's aptly named Friends of Flow Post is dedicated to those goofy, serious, caring, understanding, and quirky friends that I and you know and love so much.