I can't believe I haven't posted in over a month! Heresy! I will say on my own behalf, I've been busier than a one armed paper hanger (can you name what movie that's from? If you can, we probably would be great friends.) I've been working on multiple book projects and I can't wait to share them. Let me tell you… I've found my home! My corner or the art world. I scoped in galleries, in advertising, in editorial work but could not get comfortable. And then I walked into the book world and BOOM. I'm home. 

This post, however, is not about books, but about an illustration I did for an incredibly talented band, The Crane Wives. I've been creating the album covers for the band since their first album way back in 2011. Last year, they released their third album, Coyote Stories, which was one of my favorites to illustrate. 

This week the band released Coyote Stories' sister album, Foxlore. I created the illustration with full freedom (which is why I love working with them). The fox was looking stoic but he needed something…a little…spark. My 'ideas guy' as my better half likes to call himself, suggested a crown half joking, but that was it. I sent the sketch to the band and they loved the crown. He is now not only stoic, but ever so regal. 

The painting is 10x20" Gouache and Colored Pencil on Paper. Here is the sketch I initially started with. The location is actually based on a beautiful overlook outside of Nashville, Narrows of the Harpeth. I visited for a hike, and the view is breathtaking. 

And here is another detail of the final! 

Now. I promise I won't wait a whole other month before sharing again.