Lunch Lady

GUYS. A blog post two days in a  row. I'm killing it. 

A while back, I did a bunch of food paintings for my friend Joe Kolean's film debut, which was great, I love painting food. But then an even more awesome thing happened and editor, Kate Berry approached me about using the apple illustration in the second volume of Lunch Lady Magazine.  I got it in the mail this week, and it took me a couple of days to open the package because it was so beautifully wrapped. I opened it yesterday and almost fell over. Seriously stunning. Do yourself a favor if you like good design, food, family, recipes, and art and get the first and/or second issue of Lunch Lady.

Now, I am not a parent (unless you count my nerdy animals) but I'm literally obsessed with recipes. A trip to the library is a trip to get a cookbook. My off time is spent with my nose in my own cookbooks, and pinning dozens of new recipes on Pinterest. It's my very own creative craft where I have no pressure or expectation, and when it's all said and done, I usually get to eat a sweet meal. 

So proud! My little apple is the apple section header! 

Photo by Ava Puckett! 

Photo by Ava Puckett! 

Ahh. What a great little treat to open up. Now, time for this lady to grab a coffee and sit myself down with my own little Lunch Lady treasure. Thanks again Kate!