Well this is embarrassing.

My last post was in APRIL. Today is July 1. I have much catching up to do. 

This past Spring has been quite busy with the opening of The Warren,  signing on with my new and incredible agency, Tugeau 2, and working like mad behind the scenes on a couple of book projects and a branding project. 

The Branding Project is one I am thrilled to share. First, I have to say, I'm generally not one for taking on branding work - I don't do logo and design work, simply because I am not a designer - I leave that to the geniuses. But when I was approached by photographer, Katch Silva, and graphic designer, Tony Sasso, to create illustrations for her brand (and after seeing her inspiration board, which was right up my alley), I jumped in head first. I had a blast creating the characters, the sweet story-based illustration, the handwritten type, and the slew of natural elements to be used in her well-rounded brand. 

The illustrations were created with gouache and colored pencil, and cleaned and delivered digitally. To see more from the project, check out the Katch Silva Gallery in my portfolio! And be sure to check out her stunning photography. It will move and mystify you, I promise. 

This Tuesday, I'm heading to Austin, TX to attend ICON9!  This will be my third time ICON, and I think it'll be my best one to date. The first ICON I attended, I was a student volunteer - the second, I was a starstruck wallflower (I'm shy and awkward!) but this time around, I know quite a few attendees (no more drinking coffee alone in the corner).

I'm pretty excited, I'll have a table at the ROADSHOW Thursday night, and will be selling new prints, greeting cards, and notebooks! All of which will be available in my online shop when that opens later this summer (I know I keep pushing it back, but I'm a one-woman business and I'm human) so if you can't make it to the event, you'll still be able to grab some goodies. I'll been busy packing, stuffing, and painting this week to prep! 

As excited as I am for the Roadshow and the whole conference, I am most giddy about the Stop-Motion Workshop with one of my favorite illustrators around. I'll be learning how to loop stop motions with artist Chris Sickels of Red Nose Studio. He's been a huge inspiration for almost a decade, and I'm thrilled to get behind the scenes, meet the puppets, and learn the process. 



Can't wait to meet everyone at ICON! I'll be sharing my time on Instagram if you want to follow along!  As always, thanks for reading!