This Friday if you are in Denver, come down to Love Gallery on Colfax and check out the show, 'We Are Fever', featuring the work of Tina Lugo, Tom Bond, and myself.

One of the pieces I finished for the show is called, 'The Sea Saw and So Did I'. It's 24x36, Acrylic and Oil on Clayboard. A small edition of the prints will be available at the show, and online afterwards as well. 

Hope to see you there!

ALSO. The FLOW 2015 Diary is out into the world, and though I haven't had time to take good photos of it, I did have the time to make a little video about it for Flow. A huge thanks to Matt who shot and helped me edit the video. The man's a damn genius. Anyway, hope you like it! To check out more about the diary, visit Flow! 



GUYS! A dream project came my way early this year and it just got released! I was invited by Flow Magazine to illustrate their 2015 Diary, including full pages, patterns, spots, and all of the typography in the book.  They gave me so much freedom to paint what I wanted, keeping within the theme of 'English Manor'.  Here is the sketch and the planning phase for the project.

Here are the finished images. The first block of the bunnies is a click through gallery, and the rest of the images show some larger pages and patterns in the book.


Yay! I need to take some photos of the actual book and I will do that soon. I just got so excited to share. 


Guys!! The time has COME!

I have been mentioning larger prints for over a century and the time has come. 

Check out my new little page where you can see what paintings and prints are available! This is one of the originals listed on the page and available through Lafontsee Gallery.

I've got a handful of paintings available so I will try and post them within the next couple of days! 

New Scientist

Hooray! I worked on this piece last week and it's out today: New Scientist Magazine, for the article, "Trippy Tots: How to see the world as a baby". Now this piece wasn't to be printed that large, but for some hair brained reason, I thought - yeah I'll do that like 12x16" - way bigger than I needed to. Bigger means more time. Anyway. It was going smooth until I had to repaint the girl's face like eight times and it was two in the morning and everyone was sleeping but me. I almost had a meltdown. Those are the truths of illustrating.

Here is the sketch and the final!

The good thing is, my sanity was saved when my scanning guy gave me a couple more hours. And all was well. I had a pancake. I had some coffee. And then I set back to work because that's what you do. 


This past Spring I did an illustration for posters to be handed out to independent bookstores for Penguin Random House in Spain! It was such a fun project and the client was so flexible and willing to let me give the illustration my personal style. Here are the two options I gave them along with the final and details. 


YAY!! Happy Wednesday, August the 13, 2014 (The only date of this kind you'll ever see in your lifetime). Enjoy it! 



This last month has been eye opening for me. Matt, Mori and I packed up our car and headed to Portland to meet up with Greg Oberle- who attended the ICON conference with me. We saw some pretty incredible illustrators talk about their work, their lives, their projects. I met Carson Ellis and almost fainted and she was so genuine. The theme for this year's conference was work + play. Emphasis was placed on playing - really experimenting, having fun, finding that flow - you know, where you can't remember if you ate lunch or not because you were so into what you were doing. 

Greg, Mori, and I walking Forest Park. Yes, Greg really is that tall. Photo by Burt Raspberry (aka Matt)

Greg, Mori, and I walking Forest Park. Yes, Greg really is that tall. Photo by Burt Raspberry (aka Matt)

This year has been a busy one for me. So much work for everyone else, that I almost forgot why I was doing it. I almost forgot that I have control of my images. That I need to find time to play. To make mistakes. To try new materials. I always feel guilty when I'm making work that might not result in pay - as I have bills, but that work, that self satisfying, just for you and no one else work - that's the whole reason I'm doing what I'm doing today. 

So - it's my new goal to take a day a week - or a half day a week to just play. I've started planning a new 3-d set of illustrations to work on (woohoo!! I'm so excited!!) and I'm taking more time to get OUT of my studio to uh, I don't know, actually talk to people's faces instead of their screen names, to draw from life and not from google,  and to actually be part of a society and not a recluse who only talks to her dog. This week, I've succeeded. 

Here are some sketches from the Denver Nature & Science Museum!

And then this one: which is not from the museum but something I drew in a hotel one night.

The good thing about drawing from life is that it gives you all the tools you need to turn those drawings into something not from life. I used my sketches for a children's book I'm working on, in which one of the pages has many animals. The book is called 'I Am Special, I Am Me', written my Josie Monahan, and will be out this fall/winter! 

YAY! Alright alright. I've got to go get some work done. Some play done? Same thing, right?


HI Friends! I have a couple of upcoming events to share with you.

This week in Melbourne, I will be part of the Scribble Diary show! There's over 140 artists and we all did a piece based off of one of Lisa Currie's scribble sheets! 

Woohoo! Also this month, I am doing the Denver Handmade Homemade Market here in Denver June 28! It's been a while since I've done a market, and I'm feeling a little rusty, but if you're in Denver, you should stop by and say hello! I will be selling prints, cards, postcards and a couple of original paintings. 

Woohoo again! Ok - back to work - lots to do this week and month and year and life.



I haven't been good at keeping up with this blog, and quite frankly, I'm not even sure if anyone is reading. EITHER WAY - I will share some news. 

This coming week, Framed Ewe and Palabra Pop Up Gallery are hosting a two person show at the Union at the Biltmore in Phoenix, AZ and you can see the work of Mikey Jackson and myself! Should be a sweet show, go check it out, and have a drink for me!


In other news, I just finished a (totally adorable - can I say that?) paperdoll for Flow Magazine and her name is Aster and she is a raccoon that has a very neat occupation. You can cut her out and dress her up by purchasing the upcoming Book for Paper Lovers from Flow. 

I'll share more work as it comes out, but for now, I have a helluva lot to finish today to get these paintings out to Phoenix!



This month I finished a project for Portland Alternative Dwellings, creating three illustrations to be used on some merchandise, and also to be shown to little ones during school tours! Here are the sketches and the finished pieces. 

They are 12x16, Acrylic and Colored Pencil on Bristol Paper. The Camping piece was also sprayed with an acrylic spray paint. 



If you check out the actual gallery on my website, you can see more details. And if you're in Denver, Dee Williams will be reading tonight at the Tattered Cover downtown at 7:30 from her new book 'The Big Tiny'! These original illustrations will be there tonight too, and you can see them in person!


Hoorah! I have more to share with you but for now, enjoy these little animal cuties!


OH! ANNNNND I will have prints this week. I am going to try my damnedest to put them up for sale by tomorrow. I need more hands. And more hours in the day. 


This year has already been insane. INSANE. Great but so busy. Where's the time to explore Denver, make new friends, and paint for myself?

Here are a couple of project's I recently finished:

FLOW's Tiny House Article. This one was so fun. I did the single page and a spread and a couple spots. You can check them all out here! These were done in acrylic and graphite on acrylic painting paper. 

I also recently finished an editorial piece for Sal Oppenhiem's Client Magazine, 225 Plus, for an article about Russian Literature. Check out some details here. Also showing a little sketch!

And...lets see, I've done a couple editorial pieces for the Wall Street Journal and AAA Washington...

And.....every Monday I've been working on a fundraiser to raise money to attend ICON 8, the Illustration Conference this summer in Portland OR. My friend and fellow illustrator, Greg Oberle and I have been selling a piece every week for ten weeks. I cannot wait to attend the conference - Carson Ellis is speaking and I might barf or pass out in the crowd. Either way, everyone that has been entering their names to purchase the paintings every week needs to be hugged. You're all SO awesome. Here's one of the pieces I finished for it. 

Stayed tuned in the next month, as prints of these pieces are coming your way! 


AND I think that's it. I won't bore you with all the other stuff that takes up my time like taxes and income and expenses and shipping and packing and invoicing and eating and cleaning up cat puke and client contracts and all the other fun stuff involved with being an illustrator. 



I was invited to do some illustrations for the last issue of Flow Magazine for their article about friendship lists. I love working for them - they are always such sweet and fresh projects and I have so much freedom to create what I really want to. Here are some illustrations for the article..

Woohoo! Coffee toast to working with incredible people all over the world. Even though most of my days are spent alone, I am lucky to feel connected to so many people. 

Boiron Commercials!

This week Boiron released it's second commercial that I worked on for Arnicare! In the fall, I worked with TEAK, a digital storytelling company to create these animations. I did the character development along with the illustrated layers, and their animator, Eric, put all of this together to make a moving picture - which to me is more fascinating than pulling a giant rabbit from out of thin air. 

Check out a number of stills along with the video here!


Today, my friend Greg Oberle and I launched a new project called, TEN for EIGHT : ICON 8 or BUST! We are selling ten paintings each, one a week, and the funds are going towards tickets and travel to get us both to the upcoming Icon 8 National Illustration Conference. We both attended Icon 6, and really can't wait to go this year if we meet our goal. I think I might faint, but Carson Ellis is the feature illustrator and that makes me want to puke in my mouth out of sheer joy. It will be amazing to hear her talk. 

Today at 3, our first paintings were released! Thank you to Shannon who was lightning fast and snagged this first painting! If you'd like to snag the next one, we will be sharing them every Monday for the next nine weeks, 3 pm EST. They are $100 + Shipping  (regularly $350 so *ahem* it's quite a steal). 

This week's painting is titled, "The Night is Here" 10x10" Acrylic and Liquid Gold Leaf on Archival Paper. 

Alright! I am off to get more work done today and go buy a new paintbrush. <3 Much love to everyone who emailed in this afternoon - hope to hear from you next Monday! 



Two Illustrators. 
Rebecca Green and Gregory Oberle. 
Ten pieces Each. 
$100 per piece (a.k.a. Dirt Cheap)

Help us get to Icon 8, the upcoming national illustration conference, and we'll help you awesome up your art collection. 

Details to follow in the morning! First piece will be available to purchase tomorrow!

co > mi > co

This last couple of weeks I spent in my home state of Michigan. It was so nice to take a breather, see some familiar faces, and take a step back from work. While I was there, I did a demo at HaveCompany, and it was the best turnout. I couldn't believe how many people came and how much support was shown. Thank you to everyone who made it down that night, my heart was just so full. Here was the drawing of the demo before and after. (After photo credit: Marlee Grace). 


As much as I love that mitten, I am so glad to be back in my studio in snowy Colorado. It's just me and my pup, my paint brushes, and many new ideas sputtering around in my head.