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This postcard is a free gift, along with all the other letters of the alphabet, inside the current issue of FLOW Magazine!   Check them out - their magazine is really one of thee TOP magazines on my list. 


I also did a whole series of Bible Parody Illustrations for Gorilla Pictures this summer, and I need to put those in my portfolio soon. But here's one to hold you over ;)



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Busier than...

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...a one armed paper hanger.  

(Of course, a quote from Dolly Parton in my favorite movie of all time, Steel Magnolias.) 

But yes! That one armed paper hanger is I. We moved to Denver, I set up my studio, and I have many many projects to catch up on, finish and start.  


Stay sweet!  


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Here is the editorial piece I did for the Wall Street Journal this past week. I thought I might give you a little run down on the process, as I always enjoy seeing that from other illustrators.



It was an awesome challenge, and I was very happy for the opportunity! 


Up next: We are relocating to Denver this week! I am stoked, and don't really know anything about Denver or its art scene, so I'm looking forward to new faces, places, and opportunities. If you, or someone you know lives in or loves Denver, I'd be grateful for any advice! Whats great there? Who should I meet? What Gallery is your favorite?

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This month, Flow Magazine (an incredible publication from The Netherlands) has invite me to do a guest blogpost every Wednesday! Here is this weeks!

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 7.24.18 AM.png

If you get Flow, you'll be finding a drawing tutorial and a free postcard of mine in upcoming issues! If you don't, definitely get on it. It's the best magazine I've found in a while.  

Writings of a Young Girl

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Much to tell you. Much to share. It's been a busy month, and I have exciting news! Writings of a Young Girl is going to published and on the shelves of major book stores! After hearing this, like any illustrator, I decided to go back through and draw all the illustrations again 8 million times until I got them right. 

I'll post more on the book soon!


New Painting

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Today I finally scanned the painting I finished a couple of weeks ago for a couple here in Phoenix. This is one of the best commissions I've had, as they told me I could do whatever I wanted! This is what came of it:

It's called, "Fairmount Co." and is 24x30, Acrylic and Oil on Board.


And some details...


So there you go. A little animal love for your Thursday afternoon. Thanks again John and Alannah for awesome opportunity!

This Friday!

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This Friday in Minneapolis, Macro + Micro opens at Light Grey Art Lab! Here is the finished piece I did for the opening, titled, "After All the Party Hats are Gone". 


You can buy a print here! Yay! Happy Happy Monday. 

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Macro + Micro

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Next Friday, April 19, if you're in Minneapolis you have to (have to) go the Micro & Macro opening reception! There will be animals, vegetables, minerals, and everything else! yes!

I am in the animal category and because I couldn't pick just one, I did a piece with many animals, and of course, my own animal species. Here are some details, and when the opening day comes, I will share the whole piece with you.

 It's called, "After all the party hats are gone".


Photo Goodness

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Photo by Arrow & Apple

Photo by Arrow & Apple

In the short time that I moved here, I have managed to stumble upon some of the most talented people I know. Today, meet Sarah and Joshua Rhodes of Arrow & Apple. This couple moved to Phoenix not long ago from Nashville, and are killing it here, both working as full time artists. Joshua (subtletakeover) is a wood worker, painter, designer, and illustrator, and Sarah is one of the best photographers I know. Plus can I just add that they have a small gallery in their home? These people rock. Check out their work, and this awesome blogpost they did documenting the mural I am currently woking on!

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Farm Party Success

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This past Friday was the Honey Harvest Party at GROWop, it was a major success! Honey harvest treats, the gardening community, and the Phoenix style collective all came together to put on a very welcoming and sweet opening. I had the joy of showing about 20 paintings, and printed greetings cards exclusively for the boutique. The show is up until April 21, so if you're in Phoenix, be sure to stop down there this month!

Josh Hahn and myself on opening night!

Josh Hahn and myself on opening night!

Ethel, detail

Ethel, detail

Check out the new Farm Party section on my site to see the work! I still have to add the cow, pig, and vegetables, but most of the work is available for viewing. It's also available for sale, so if you're interested in purchasing an original piece, please email me for more information.

The sun is so old.

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And it still burns so bright. It's warming up so fast outside, while I am inside painting away for the upcoming Honey Harvest Party at GROWop next week. Next Week?!


That happened so fast.

Today I was working on a couple of greeting cards that are to accompany the paintings. And you can only get them at GROWop! So you have to come next Friday if you're in Phoenix and hang out with awesome people, see some art, celebrate gardens and fashion and plaid. 

Until next time, stay so nice.


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Humans have been doing art for over 32,000 years. Why is today, this one Friday in 2013 different? It's not. But we can't stop now.

Today I finished coffee signs for Sparrows Coffee in Grand Rapids. 


I also got around to capturing a piece that I recently painted. It sold last Friday to a lovely local couple, so its time to share it! It's called One Day at a Time.  It has type on it, which I cropped off because of photo quality which read "Some days I think I can save the world. Other days, not so much." 


Tonight is the drink and draw in my studio! Looking forward to mingling with some of Phoenix's most talented. I'm also just excited to try a new almond fudge recipe and drink cheap beer. Will post pictures!