February 25 :: Light

Posted on by Rebecca Green

“May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.”  - J.R.R. Tolkien

This morning I woke feeling heavy minded about the world and its overwhelming struggles. It's hard to be small and wonder which one deserves the most attention, or how we can be of help. It is sometimes troubling to make art and wonder whether or not that actually benefits the world at all. But then I think,  I could be making work that belittles others or puts out negativity into the world - and I always try to do the opposite. I try to bring light because we all need it - I need it. 


So today, we celebrate light - however that resonates with you. Bulbs of light, bugs of light, lights of fire, a light heart.  Light is seen as a positive force, and I am oh so thankful for it. Today on the Flow Magazine Friends of Flow Pinterest Post, we celebrate Light. 


February 24 :: Snails!

Posted on by Rebecca Green

Every time it rains here in Nashville, I am mindful of my step. Lurking silently on my porch are terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusks - otherwise known as snails. These shell covered blobs of life must be going somewhere..but they never seem to be in a hurry. Since Flow Magazine is after all, "A Magazine That Takes Its Time", what better way to celebrate our Friend's of Flow post, than by commemorating snails. 

Snails are amazing! Did you know snails are hermaphrodites? That they are believed to live up to 25 hears in captivity? INSANE! Make your day better by learning more about these goobies here

Happy Wednesday! And watch where you step! 

February 23 :: The Moon

Posted on by Rebecca Green

Our lovely Moon : Everynight Magic. This beaming satellite which orbits Earth is seen through its 29 day cycle, crescent to full, blue, glowing orange, crisp and clear. It affects our tides and is slowly moving farther from Earth, elongating its orbit. It is not the biggest moon in the Solar System, but it is our only moon, and I am thankful for it. 

Today we celebrate the moon, this magical lunar friend. To find more moon illustrations, check out Flow Magazine's Friends of Flow Pinterest Board. (I have to tell you - there are so many incredible pieces of art surrounding the moon, that I had to literally peel myself away from pinning. I could have pinned moons all day!) 

Happy Tuesday! And don't forget to look up tonight! 

February 22 :: Fire

Posted on by Rebecca Green

Hello! I'm back again - for more celebrating and more pinning. 

Today we celebrate fire - the kind you gather around, whether it's in a brick fireplace, or on the ground at camp. This weekend at our Farmhouse, we lit a fire in the fireplace and sat around eating S'Mores and telling ghost stories. You know as well as I - there's nothing better and cozier than staring at, sitting around, and smelling a good fire. 

Head over to the Flow Magazine Friends of Flow Pinterest Board for more fire inspiration! And Happy Monday! 

February 21 :: Sheep! (A Day Late!)

Posted on by Rebecca Green

Yesterday was February 21 - I have to admit I'm a day late on this one. I think you'll forgive me when you see my reason...

I think can all agree that no matter how enticing Pinterest is, watching lambs escape from the barn and wander up onto your porch takes the cake. 

Saturday night, I was joined by four other incredible Nashville artists, as we slept over in a farmhouse, hiked to a waterfall, ate homemade food, played drawing games and attempted the Ouija Board (which sadly doesn't seem to work when you're an adult). The getaway was put on by our new studio, The Warren, which will be opening soon - I can't wait to tell you more about it!

Yesterday's drawing is dedicated to all those gals who melted along with me at the baby sheep. To see more sheep illustrations, head over the Flow Magazine's Friends of Flow Pinterest Board!  

Check out the other artists I stayed with: Kayla Stark , Katie Turner , Ava Puckett, Hannah Beasley 

Happy Monday! Check back this afternoon with today's second Pinterest post! 

February 19 :: Bees!

Posted on by Rebecca Green

I was terrified by bees as a child. My mother's advice:  just stay still - they won't hurt you if you don't move. And then one day I was sitting on my swing and a bee came along and rested on my shoulder. I was terrified, but I sat bone still, breathless, waiting for the bee to move along. And then it stung me. For years after, I just flailed like an idiot every time a bee was in sight. Now I love them, I welcome them, and they fascinate me. 


Today we celebrate bees and the awesome little friends they are. Here are some bee facts that will make your Friday even more magical than Fridays already are. And if you want to see more bees, of course go check out the Flow Magazine Friends of Flow Pinterest Board!

Happy Friday! And just remember: Beeeeeeeee yourself! 

February 18 :: Clocks!

Posted on by Rebecca Green

This month we are celebrating the ordinary objects in our lives that are really very extraordinary.  I asked my husband yesterday, "What's something in our life that we take for granted - that is actually very special and magical and incredible, and mind-blowing that it even exists?" And then I quicky added, "Besides Everything." And it is all unbelievable that we even exist to experience anything. I won't get into an existential rant, but really…we are surrounded every single day by wonder.


One such wonder is time and our quest to keep it. Find out more here about the history of the clock. Today's Friends of Flow Pinterest Post is dedicated to clocks.  

May your day be so extraorindary that time stands still. 


February 17 :: Vegetables!

Posted on by Rebecca Green

I LOVE Vegetables. Love them. I definitely wasn't raised loving them but in recent years, I started eating almost exclusively fruits and vegetables. Since, it's opened my eyes to trying new vegetables, experimenting with ways to eat them, both cooked and raw. My favorite is kale - it's so versatile. Eat it as a salad, put it in stews and soups, sauté it up, even roast it and turn it into a chip! Now I'm hungry! 

Today I am celebrating vegetables on the Flow Magazine Friends of Flow Pinterest Board. Now go out there and eat your greens! 

February 16 :: Cozy Sweaters

Posted on by Rebecca Green

It's been rainy and chilly here in Nashville this week and I've been swallowed up, living in cozy sweaters. If you cannot spend a grey day in bed, you might as well feel like you're wrapped up in the covers. Today's Everyday Magic Friends of Flow Pinterest Post celebrates sweaters and cozy times. 

Stay warm bumble bees! 

February 15 :: Keys!

Posted on by Rebecca Green

Last week, my studio mate and I visited a local key shop to get keys made for our new space. The shop, Hosse and Hosse has been around since their first store opened in 1865! Inside were cases filled with antique locks and keys and my little heart leapt. How incredible and extra-ordinary is the key. Not only do we interact and rely on keys daily, they are also metaphors for holding power or secrets. You can give me a little metal nugget of magic over a shiny plastic key card any day. 

Today's Everyday Magic Friends of Flow Pinterest Post is dedicated to the key. Perhaps it's the key we need to have a perfect Monday. (Cheesy? Sorry, not sorry). 


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February 14 :: Chocolate!

Posted on by Rebecca Green

When someone tells me they do not like chocolate, a little piece of my heart dies. Then I think, 'Great, more for me!' and just like that my heart is whole again. The process in which chocolate is made astounds me and is pretty extraordinary. I wouldn't be a model citizen if I didn't celebrate chocolate on Valentine's Day. In fact, my sister, nieces, and I are going to tour a small chocolate factory here in town. Best Heart Day Ever. 

To see more chocolate illustrations, check out Flow Magazine's Friends of Flow Pinterest Board. Are you filling up on love and chocolate today? I sure hope so.

Happy Valentine's Day Lovelies. xoxo

February 13: Candles!

Posted on by Rebecca Green

While the making of candles can be quite extraordinary, today I am celebrating candles because they make magic. No matter what you're doing, light a candle while you're doing it and some little spark flips in your head and things seem otherworldly. Timeless and magical and possible and reverent. That's how I feel anyway. My current favorite candle is a little soy wax candle I bought here in Nashville that smells like Creme Brûlée. Be jealous. 

To see more illustrations and drawings of these little lights, visit Flow Magazine's Friends of Flow Pinterest Board. 

Happy Saturday my candlelit cherubs! 

February 12 :: Tiny Plants

Posted on by Rebecca Green

Little buds, blooms, petals, stems, leaves, veins…all so magical. Just the fact that they exist excites me. Those teeny lives just living and blooming and forming in their own perfect way. Plants in all forms amaze me, but today I am celebrating tiny plants. They are always the ones that stop me in my tracks. These little buds are sure to bloom soon. I bought them while buying groceries and then put them in vases all over my house. Happy weekend for me indeed. To check out more plant illustrations, hop over to Flow Magazine's Friends of Flow  Pinterest Board. Happy Pinning! 


February 11 :: Spice!

Posted on by Rebecca Green

When I learned long ago that cinnamon came from tree bark, my head exploded and I've never looked at it quite the same. I cook a lot and love to try new spices and seasonings. Cinnamon is one I use quite often. It's funny these things we use everyday without knowing very much about them. Today's Friends of Flow Pinterest Post is dedicated to spices and cooking ingredients. 

PS. It was really very hard for me to not use a witty pun about the Spice Girls.